Scaling your business by strategically crossing channels to deliver your desired results and boost sales.

We take pride in coming up with the Omni-Channel approach which basically is the amalgamation and integration of e-mail, calling, social media and event marketing cadence and utilizing them in a holistic and unified way that can tremendously help you convert segmented data to sales opportunities for your business.


Leverage your data to your advantage.

The lead generation process starts with quality and carefully curated data. It can make or break your chances in closing deals for your business. Our data warehouse is constantly updated and curated to make it relevant and pertinent. We have a dedicated team who carry out database upkeep and maintenance, formulating ways to keep everything in place, fresh and relevant.


Pre-qualify, invite and confirm your target attendees. From set-up to clean up, we take care of everything.

Let’s face it, setting up an event marketing campaign can be a daunting task. Having an experienced team helping you out and doing all the hustle and the work can be an enormous blessing. Our event marketing campaigns are designed and executed based on your specifications, implementing fun, innovative and imaginative ways to highlight your products or services.


IT & Software ⋅ Telecom ⋅ Ad Tech ⋅ Financial Services ⋅ Healthcare ⋅ Retail ⋅ eCommerce ⋅ Government ⋅ Consulting

How do you get a company that has the flexibility of a start-up with expertise and experience of a leading marketing company? Xync is just that, a relatively new company composed of seasoned team who are well versed with the marketing trends but guided with the core expertise that they have honed for years of running the program.
Joseph J.
Insurance and Consulting
You guys rock!! Thank you for keeping me and my team busy during these trying times with great leads. I am looking forward to trying other strategies we have discussed in the coming days.
Mauricio P.
Merchant Services Provider
In a highly competitive market, Xync have proven why they are a reputable business partner. The whole team, from their experienced account supervisors to the assigned callers, and support staff, working around our specific campaign strategies and have always exhibited a positive attitude to exceed our expectations,hence retaining our business for the long haul.
Charlene G.
Consulting Company
Working with them since the beginning, we have established a great work process that is insync with our in-house team. They provide us with a steady flow of prequalified appointments and completely trust them with our outbound marketing and telemarketing efforts. We highly recommend Xync and their services.
Allen J.
IT Solutions Provider

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