Omni-channel Lead Generation

Unlock the power of omni-channel lead generation with Xync. Reach your target audience through multiple channels, maximize engagement, and drive conversions.

Omni-channel Lead Generation Process

At Xync, we specialize in delivering exceptional results through our omni-channel lead generation process. With our proven methodology, we help you establish a strong foundation, connect with your target audience effectively, and convert leads into valuable customers.


Understand your goals, target markets, and buyer personas to create a solid foundation for lead generation at Xync.


Utilize our "Xynchronized" omni-channel approach to connect with your target audience through channels like call, email, and social media, maximizing outreach and engagement.


Our dedicated team focuses on qualifying leads that match your criteria or buyer persona attributes, boosting conversion rates and overall sales success.

Explore our proven process for successful Lead Generation.


  • Send personalized emails to prospects and websites leads.
  • Send timely emails based on prospect interactions.


  • Call contacts to follow up and introduce the product.
  • Call online leads to quality and book sales meetings.


  • Build and nurture connections with prospects in social media.
  • Run drip social media campaigns to remove prospects closer tower conversion.


  • Get your message across a larger audience.
  • Convert registrants and attendees into sales meetings.

Banner Ads

  • Get your ads in front of your target audience.
  • Reinforce your company’s branding.


Build a precise target list with
Account-based Marketing

At Xync, our expertise lies in Account-based Marketing (ABM), where we specialize in developing highly targeted campaigns tailored to close valuable target accounts. Through the meticulous sourcing of data from trusted providers, we guarantee both quality and accuracy in our strategies. To enhance the effectiveness of our outreach campaign, we expand our lists to include relevant contacts, creating comprehensive profiles that offer precise business intelligence for your specific target market.

By focusing on engaging the right people, we maximize the impact of your outreach efforts, increasing the likelihood of success. With Xync, you not only benefit from our ABM proficiency but also gain a strategic partner dedicated to elevating your marketing strategies for optimal results in your target market.


Our All-in-One Platform & Omni-Channel Marketing

Introducing XyncDrive CRM, your ultimate solution for comprehensive lead management and marketing automation. Unleash the full potential of your outsourced lead generation program through our advanced Omni-channel marketing capabilities. Equip your team with the tools to closely monitor campaigns, analyze key metrics, and make strategic, data-driven decisions. With XyncDrive CRM, gain unparalleled visibility into every stage of your sales prospecting journey—from initial lead generation activities to the successful closure of deals.

Target Prospects Prioritized by Lead Score


Optimizing Sales Team Performance for
Maximum Engagement

Experience a revolution in lead engagement with SmartTalk, also known as Xync Dialer. Our cutting-edge communication technology doesn’t just connect – it ensures precision in reaching the right person at the optimal moment, significantly amplifying the success rate of our calls and conversions.

Take your inside sales productivity to new heights with SmartTalk. Our proprietary prioritization algorithm is the secret sauce. It combines crucial demographic and behavioral data to gauge prospect sales-readiness. By intelligently queuing up top-scoring prospects at the forefront of our agent’s dialer, we ensure your assigned callers connect swiftly with the most promising leads, maximizing the impact of every conversation.

With SmartTalk, we seize opportunities at the perfect moment, maximizing our lead generation campaign's efficiency.
Let’s explore specific ways Xync can boost your ABM efforts. Contact us today.
Sales Research
Ideal Customer
Profile Validation
  • Gather demographic & firmographic data
  • Define target audience
  • Craft value proposition
  • Identify competitive advantages
  • Develop campaign messaging
  • Perform list segmentation
  • Ensure deliverability
  • Engage via phone
  • Communicate through email
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Conduct webinars
  • Utilize banner ads
  • Demonstrated interest and engagement with the campaign
  • Fit within the ideal customer profile
  • Clear understanding of the offering and value proposition
  • Decision-making authority or influence
  • Timely availability for a scheduled appointment
  • Analyze reports & analytics
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Integrate feedback
  • Refine call scripts
ABS Alignment
Account List
Sales Cadences
and Playbook
Campaign Lift