Right Data is Always the Right Choice
Collecting and verifying contact data about people for business-related outreach. Datasets are from business/institutional organizations that are governed by policies to protect the privacy of the individual. Data for prospecting is only useful if it’s accurate. By regularly updating or appending your data, you will have richer prospect information, capture changes in key data fields like additional phone numbers and/or mailing addresses.

How data is created
Data is obtained from various providers, screened, and verified to maximize results if used on an outreach campaign. Similar data would be matched, checked, then merged to have the most accurate business intelligence of your target market.

The main components of contact data are the following:

  • Personal Names
  • Business Email
  • Business  Title Designation
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Industry Category
  • Business Size, Estimate Annual Sales and/or Employee Size

And also if available these would be included:

  • LinkedIn URL
  • Twitter and/or Facebook Company Page

Benefits of obtaining contact lead data
This is essential to have an efficient sales and marketing process at your organization.

Data quality deterioration, or simply Data Decay, starts the moment one obtains contact data.  Around 30% to 60% of your company’s sales and marketing database would be outdated after a year.

There are plenty of reasons that contribute to data decay, just to name a few:

– People/Staff Movement
– Corporate asset changes, change of phone number, company location, company domains, etc
– Policy/Organizational changes: mergers/acquisitions, bankruptcies, re-organization