Event Marketing

Reach out to a larger audience, boost your brand awareness and generate targeted leads using online events through our event marketing.

Looking for the best way to improve your business and increase your lead volume?

Let us introduce you to Xync's Event Marketing!

Our event marketing package bundles up a very targeted and results-oriented approach to help you convert leads into sales. Our focus is to highlight the value and quality of your product or service. With this in mind, we make sure to prequalify your prospects. We assist you in increasing the number of qualified attendees and after, we can help you keep in touch with them, nurture the relationship, and convert these prospects into customers. And most of all, we never forget making everything fun and not too overly focused on sales which in some instances can make the event boring, stale and unimaginative. Our event marketing approaches are customized and tailored specifically to appeal to your target, and very interactive, employing dynamic ways to engage your audience.

We make meaningful events to strategically approach your audience.




Maximize your brand strategy through event marketing. Discover its benefits to augment your market presence which can increase your brand awareness, your leads, and your conversion.

The Process


The first stage is the crucial phase to set up the cornerstone of event marketing. The goal is not just to increase the number of attendees but to identify an ROI at the beginning and the end. Planning should address it the schedule is timely, the theme and brand, and the goal of the event.


Maximize engagement through Omnichannel marketing strategy. Promote perceptive ads through social media e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to engage the audience.


We will be with you throughout the entire process from facilitating the event, monitoring and taking notes on your prospects’ response, observing the general reception of everyone and making sure every tiniest detail and noteworthy reactions are taken in to further enhance your marketing strategies.


Measuring the turnout of the event through determining the number of invites, the attendees, and the no-shows. Furthermore, identify the opportunities created.