Xync’s Omni-Channel Lead Generation Solution for a California-based Point-of-Sale Systems Provider

Xync's Omni-Channel Lead Generation Solution for a California-based Point-of-Sale Systems Provider


Our client is a California-based provider of point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment processing solutions, customer engagement tools, and employee management software. They cater to a diverse range of industries, including full-service dining, quick-service dining, retail stores, personal services, professional services, and home and field services. Their innovative products aim to revolutionize the consumer merchant experience and enable seamless interactions.


The client’s primary challenge was to generate high-quality leads and expand their
customer base among small and medium-sized business owners. They wanted to
increase awareness of their cutting-edge POS solutions and build strong connections
within their target industries. However, they faced the following obstacles:

Limited Reach:
The client’s existing lead generation efforts were primarily focused on traditional
marketing channels, which limited their reach and effectiveness in targeting specific

Fragmented Brand Perception:
Inconsistent messaging across different communication channels resulted in
fragmented brand perception and reduced customer engagement.

Resource Constraints:
The client had limited internal resources to manage lead generation campaigns
across multiple channels, hindering their ability to scale their efforts effectively

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