The client is a market leader in ELD & Fleet Management technology, developing a range of different fleet services in hardware and software. From historical data analysis to ELD compliance and real-time GPS tracking, they offer connectivity solutions for fleets and provide easy access to vehicle and driver data. The use of this data empowers fleet safety and operations managers to make smarter, and faster decisions. These decisions are critical in fleet operations as it greatly impacts cost, and operational efficiencies; such as total lifecycle cost analysis, preventative maintenance, fuel management, improving driver efficiency, and reducing fleet liability by increasing driver and vehicle safety.


Prior to working with Xync, the Client’s lead generation activity mostly depended on inbound channels rather than the outbound channel. So, they did extensive research on multiple vendors specializing in B2B lead management, and chose the one that has broad experience, and can efficiently and effectively scale the growth of the business.

There’s a vast range of Fleet Management solutions out there, so staying ahead of the curve the Client wanted to outsource the time-consuming activities of researching potential customers and contacting them one by one for a sales appointment, which typically took up almost two-thirds of their reps’ time.

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