Webinar and Virtual Event

Reach out to a larger audience, boost brand awareness, build your professional network & generate new leads by connecting with your target audiences digitally without leaving the comfort of your home.

We run webinars, so you can get your message across to a larger audience

Process & Benefits:

We discuss the webinar specs (Target date & time, topic to discuss, promotional materials, etc.)

We create the promotional materials (contact forms, links & landing pages, webinar registration forms, invites)

We reach out to your ideal prospects & invite them to attend your webinar. Not only that, but we identify all possible prospects within the company that may need or want to attend, then we register to send them the invite via email

We do practice session(s) to make sure that we’re on the same page as to how the webinar would go

We do confirmation calls to get our attendee rates up

We go live! We act as the host, we introduce your speaker & moderate the Q&A portion

These webinars allow you to potentially convert these registrants and attendees into sales meetings & hopefully, new customers.