Our client is a leading provider of IT consulting services and custom software development, dedicated to helping businesses leverage IT solutions to achieve growth and efficiency. With a strong focus on communication and availability, they serve clients in Singapore and the global community. Their meticulous approach to understanding client requirements ensures the delivery of customized solutions that perfectly fit business needs.


Our client identified a common challenge among businesses, especially SMBs, across
various industries:

Outdated Systems: Many businesses struggled with legacy systems, hampering their ability to keep up with modern demands and technological advancements.

Customized Solutions: Each industry had unique requirements, demanding tailored IT solutions to address specific needs effectively.

Expertise Gap: Some businesses lacked in-house IT expertise and required specialized
consulting and support to identify and implement optimal solutions.


The client faced a marketing challenge due to a lack of internal resources, including
prospect lists, CRM systems, and dedicated callers, to execute a full-scale lead
generation campaign. Despite having tech experts ready to provide consultations, the
client wasn’t generating enough leads to showcase their expertise through

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