The Client was a start-up company offering accurate transcription and document processing for Medical Practitioners. With staff fully certified and with medical experience, providing service to the doctors clinics is spot-on, and handled with utmost confidentiality to ensure the compliance requirements for the essential medical information of the patients. The service has streamlined Doctors’ dictation processes and saving a tremendous amount of time.


The Clients’ expertise and focus has been on the deliverables that they have with their customers, and having their dynamic team was able to device a process that enabled their company to provide accurate and professional appearing transcriptions in a timely fashion. With the Client adopting a quick and efficient way to deliver the medical records or notes to the clinics, they see the potential of the business growth apart from repeat business and referrals. They need to let their company name be known, so that they would get more traffic on their website to see their competencies.

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