The client is an international transportation and logistics company headquartered in the U.S. committed to providing its customers with effective transportation, logistics, warehousing, and e-commerce solutions.

The client works with a multitude of customers – from large corporations with complex global supply chains to mom and pop distributors, to individuals moving overseas shipping personal items via ocean freight. They offer logistics customers something different than an average international freight forwarder and take the time to get to know their customer’s operations on a micro level to find any missed opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings.


As part of its effort to improve the company’s market position, the Client looked into expanding the outbound component of its customer acquisition program where the bulk of its lead generation initiatives was mostly tied up in inbound tactics, but the Client wanted a more proactive approach and a bigger role for outbound in its marketing mix.

The Client teamed up with Xync to deploy an outbound prospecting program that would complement the company’s current marketing efforts. Under its existing strategy, the Client averaged 7 to 12 appointments each month and the company wanted Xync’s help to develop a new lead source and increase the flow of qualified prospects into their pipeline

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