Our client, a prominent technology company, focuses on creating innovative data solutions to help customers extract maximum value from their data. With a legacy of 40 years in the industry, they offer cutting-edge storage technologies, solutions, and services that empower businesses to capture, create, share, and preserve digital content for decades. Their expertise spans various sectors, including entertainment, research, government, enterprises, and cloud providers.


The client faced a significant challenge in generating high-quality leads and expanding their market presence, specifically among medium to enterprise-level businesses. Their advanced data storage and backup solutions were ideal for businesses seeking scalable and efficient data management. However, reaching the right audience in a crowded market proved difficult.

The following obstacles hindered their growth:

Limited Reach: The client’s existing lead generation efforts were primarily focused on
traditional marketing channels, which restricted their ability to target specific industries and reach the right decision-makers.

Fragmented Brand Perception: Inconsistent messaging across different communication channels resulted in fragmented brand perception and reduced customer engagement.

Resource Constraints: The client lacked the internal resources to manage lead generation campaigns across multiple channels effectively.


To address these challenges, Xync proposed a comprehensive Omni-channel Lead Generation & Appointment Setting campaign. Leveraging our expertise in email marketing, call center operations, and social media management, we designed a tailored strategy to maximize the client’s reach and impact.

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