Email Marketing: Outdated or Enduring? Investigating its Relevance for Today’s Landscape

Email Marketing
Email Marketing: Outdated or Enduring? Investigating its Relevance for Today’s Landscape

As we experience the ever-rapid increasing rate of new technologies, especially in the communication industry, we find it easy and convenient to communicate with each other. Social Media and its different forms now make it possible for an easy and diverse means to communicate with one another. With all these new means to get in touch with each other, we may tend to think that email is now less significant, is no longer widely used, or even that it is obsolete, destined to go the path that newspapers seem to go.


Notwithstanding such perception, email marketing is still relevant today despite the emergence of social media and the exponential growth of the internet’s billions of websites. Social media cannot match the personalization opportunities that email offers. Additionally, email automation provides in-depth consumer information that might be useful for maintaining client engagement with your business. The data shows, with over 4 Billion daily email users, that people prefer to communicate with businesses via email. With its use projected to continue to rise, as well as that for most online transactions that require the creation of accounts that all are tied to an email, email has never been more pervasive than it ever was.


What is Email Marketing?

 Email marketing is an effective marketing channel that uses email to advertise the goods or services your company offers and is a type of direct marketing.

 It can be an excellent method of informing customers and potential customers about relevant offers, news, updates, and other information. In essence, it’s a cheap way to get in touch with clients and also promotes the growth of enduring relationships. Email Marketing relevant as ever.

Now that we have said that email marketing is as vibrant as ever, let us take a look at what makes that so.

Why it is still the preferred means of communication between customers and business and why does it continue to grow?


  1. It is Cheap

 First off, one of the main reasons for its widespread use is that it is cheap. Email Marketing is way more cost-effective as compared to the other marketing strategies that use other channels. This is so, that it is easy to measure results and track them. The expenses you may incur, even if you buy email automotive tools and AI, would still be less than the other marketing channels as this is one of the cheapest.


  1. Encourages Response

 The email encourages engagement. Emails choose to do an action regarding your products and services. Be it for them to know more, or outright buy the products and services being offered. It encourages the recipient to take action. Email marketing tries to draw interest. Giving away free content, such as an ebook or report, is another common tactic used to compel readers to take action and guide them toward becoming customers.


  1. Email Reaches More People

 You may reach a more targeted audience thanks to email marketing. With email marketing, you have more control over the information you deliver and when it is sent. Email facilitates communication that the receiver can deal with on their own time. It provides a level of comfort that isn’t available on other channels. Hence, why we see it is still the preferred communication between customers and businesses.


  1. Email can promote other marketing channels.

 Digital marketers benefit from email marketing since it can be used to promote other marketing channels, like social media platforms. In emails, it is clear that the recipient is being addressed personally and offers and suggestions can be presented more with ease.
 You can tell a prospect everything they need to know about your offer in email marketing. They can more easily decide whether they want to purchase something from you as a result.


  1. Emails can keep your prospects and customers engaged.

 The goal of email marketing is to establish a relationship with your prospects and customers over time. An excellent approach to accomplish this is by providing customers with informative content about your products or services. You can also send your consumers exclusive discounts, promotions, and coupons, to name a few, through email marketing.


  1. Emails further Brand awareness.

 Using email to increase brand recognition is a potent tactic. It’s more likely that people who subscribe to your email newsletters and other marketing materials will know, like, and rely on your company.
Email Marketing also reminds people of your brand concept, from the logo to the general experience your brand entails.
There is a thing called Spaced Repetition. It is a learning technique that through interval repetition, memory is further retained. Such memories easily come up when related events and ideas are entertained as well. So when you see a product often and with enough frequency if a problem arises, that the product fixes, you are sure to remember that product you saw often using intuition. Weekly newsletters, for example, can present your logo, and your product regularly. Retention of your product in the minds of your prospects and customers would be due to Spaced Repetition.


  1. Email is more personalized.

Emails are messages that those who see and receive them accept that it is clearly for them and not some mass public informational promotion. You cannot simply send a generic email and hope for the best. To truly engage your customers, tailor your email marketing with messages that appeal to their needs and wants.
 The Emails have that sense of personal touch.  Accommodating the personal concern and presenting solution, you create value that feels specifically tailored for the recipient and hence makes them feel special.
 It is important to note that email marketing is more than simply sending promotional emails; it’s also about paying close attention and acting fast if a customer contacts you with a problem or complaint. Email marketing helps foster good relations with your customers or prospects thus further increasing trust.


  1. Emails can increase website traffic.

Emails are an effective way to build customer relationships and may increase website traffic. Informing your consumers about what they want through email, you may make it easier for them to make a purchase.
 Emails can include links to your website. For instance, you could provide a link for an in-depth guide to what you have to offer, for FAQs, etc… It is good to note that the higher the online traffic on your website the more likely your website will appear in search engine results pages (SERP). Search engines employ web crawlers that scour the internet for keywords, as well as the amount of traffic. The more that your site has traffic, the more likely it will come up when a search is done on the various search engine sites.


  1. Collect Data

Emails can be used to collect various data about your prospect or customer. Emails can be tailored in a way that would allow you to know the interest of your prospect and enable further nurture to convince them that they become your customer.
 A/B Testing can also be employed through email marketing. Different styles and techniques can be presented to your prospects and customers and you can track which ones work better.


Your acquired data can be used to improve the user experience of your email marketing campaigns.


To conclude, email marketing can perform many functions that are not available to other marketing channels. It offers a level of ease and comfort that consumers want. As we have shown, customers prefer email when they communicate with businesses. Emails have that air of a personalized approach. It is perceived to exalt the individual. Can be used to collect data, increase website traffic, and further brand awareness. Keep customers and prospects engaged and promote other marketing channels. Encourage action with prospects and customers, reach more people, and above all with all its benefits already, it is one of the cheapest marketing channels. It is also good to note that email marketing stands as the highest return on investment (ROI) among different marketing techniques.


Email Marketing therefore notwithstanding perceptions that it is obsolete, old-fashioned, out of style, etc… stands as one of the most effective marketing channels. The data support this and would be good for businesses to take advantage of it. Email marketing is relevant, will continue, and increase in its prevalence in the foreseeable future. Start increasing your bottom line and employ email marketing now.


With all the different aspects of email marketing and support tools such as the various software, it can be daunting how to go about creating your email marketing strategies. You could choose to outsource your email marketing campaign. Luckily we here at XYNC do just that. Take advantage of this time-tested strategy and contact us. 

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