The client is a Health Care Support Firm based in South Dakota, USA. Their primary
goal is to provide affordable IT Healthcare Support Solutions. They offer a range of
services, including coding for family medicine, internal medicine, urgent care,
emergency room, dental, pediatrics, OB/GYN and specialty outpatient settings. They
document ancillary services using the IHS RPMS, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and
Vista, well-versed in Day Surgery and Inpatient coding, as well as admission, discharge
and transfer packages, and understand the importance of merging all related services
to the primary visit.

They also have Laserfiche IT solutions for document management, speeding up
business processes, streamlining admissions, virtually eliminating labor-intensive
manual filing procedures and reducing the drag of regulatory compliance, all while
ensuring patient privacy and improving records security.


The client faces the challenge of identifying and reaching out to potential clients
within their target industries and locations. The client has also purchased a list of
potential clients from Adstra but lacks the staff to effectively reach out to potential
clients. They require additional personnel in conducting outreach as well as a strategic
approach to lead generation and appointment setting to maximize their marketing
efforts. Additionally, they still need an additional database of potential clients that
match their ideal customer profile.

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