Infographics and SEO: How to Make Them Work Effectively Together

Infographics are a form of visual communication which aims to capture the reader’s attention and keep them interested in sometimes complex but factual content. In some ways, incorporating visuals/infographics to your marketing collaterals can help your message go through your readers, making the information you are sharing more digestible and easily absorbed. From the readers’ perspective, infographics are much easier to understand and cater to our inane tendencies that picture or graphics are far more pleasing to look at than just a barrage of texts. Also, the brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than texts and will not overwhelm your readers.

In this regard, incorporating infographics in your marketing content can help boost your SEO efforts tremendously. Infographics have better chances of becoming viral, easily shared on various social media platforms, and reaching out to a huge audience base. It can generate 94% more views compared to content that only have texts in them. It also helps drive visitors to your website, boosting your back linking initiatives. Back links in return would indicate to the search engines that your website is a valuable and known source of pertinent information. They will then place you higher up the rank within their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are the things you need to consider in using infographics/visuals in your marketing campaign:

  • Infographics should be engaging and “snackable”.
  • They should also be attractive and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It must be read easily with highlights to important points perfectly placed.
  • Graphics and content/texts should both be easily shared on social media platforms.
  • They should also be inspiring and motivating.

As always, we would also recommend you conduct user research to keep track and see if your marketing efforts have been effective. This will also give you time to reassess and fine-tune your marketing campaign, make changes and refine your process.