Healthcare and Outsourcing

The healthcare sector is probably one of the industries in the USA, Australia and Europe that greatly benefited by outsourcing their back-office work to the Philippines. The actual clinical work is done by the doctors and medical professionals themselves, but the mundane and oftentimes more time-consuming and taxing tasks like appointment setting, records upkeep, audit, and patient relations, among others, are steadily outsourced offshore.

The Philippines is a country that never runs short of qualified medical professionals who are both capable and competent to do these jobs.  To date, there are 147 Nursing and allied healthcare schools in the Philippines which produce quality healthcare professionals yearly. The graduates, after finishing their course, are then given licensure examinations to make sure that the quality of the graduates is maintained and upheld and also to make them globally competitive and qualified. This gives them access to resources and expertise at a fraction of the cost of native workers in the first world countries.

Those who settled locally and did not pursue joining the exodus of nurses seeking overseas employment would rather work in BPOs than working in a hospital or medical clinic or setting. This is mainly because of the salary offered in BPOs. It is much more attractive and can sustain growing families altogether. BPOs also offer extensive HMO plans for their workers, which is a very attractive enticement for everyone.

There are so many tasks and jobs in healthcare that are ideally outsourced offshore. Outsourcing these tasks meant savings on staffing, workspace and overhead costs. Also, the time difference makes it attractive for outsourcing. Having a life after work, not worrying about any unfinished tasks left, is a lifesaver for many workers in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. Coming in to work the next day with zero backlog of work to finish up is something most of us dream of.

Outsourcing also means focusing your resources on what really matters. With the back office work done by your outsourcing partner offshore, the staff can focus keenly on patient care and provide more personalized service to their patients. They need not worry about the inane and mundane tasks that take up lots of time to finish and complete.

At the end of the day, outsourcing has always been a win-win scenario for the healthcare industry and their offshore outsourcing partners. That is probably the most defining reason why the healthcare industry chooses to outsource offshore more frequently than before. The benefits are just too good not to take advantage of.